ENFit Extension Sets

MF150YOT w/MD30
ENFit Safety System

The Medicina ENFit extension sets are manufactured with non-IV compatible Luer type connectors, and are available in a variety of lengths and configurations. The extension sets have a male Luer type connector
which fits the female Luer type enteral syringes on one end, and a female Luer type connector which fits the male Luer type ended feeding tube. All ENFit components are non-IV compatible, color coded
purple and use the Luer type connection.

The International Standards Organization, ISO CD 80369-3                   for enteral feeding equipment has chosen a locking system                   with female ended syringes such as the Medicina ENFit safety system. 

The committee found the female hubs of oral dose type feeding tubes unsafe and rejected them because they allow IV access when using a Luer slip IV syringe and other tapered tip adapters used throughout the medical community.

ENFit Extension Sets

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
MF075ENFit Extension Set-75 cm50 per box
MF150ENFit Extension Set-150 cm50 per box
MF150YENFit Extension Set w/Y-Port-150 cm50 per box
MF150YOTENFit Extension Set w/Y-Port w/Oral Dose Adapter-150 cm50 per box
MF150WENFit Extension Set w/Wide Bore Tubing-150 cm50 per box

*Latex Free, Non-DEHP

The Medicina ENFit Enteral Delivery System has a variety of accessories available when delivering small volume medicines.

      • The Medicine Straw can be used when drawing up medicines.
      • The Milk Straw can be used when drawing up milk.

        ENFit Accessories
      • The Medicine Needle is available to access multiple use vials.
      • The Medicine Filter Straw is recommended when medicines are supplied in glass ampules.
      • The Universal Bottle Adapter that fits most bottles is also available along with several press-in tamper-proof bottle adapters for the most common suspension bottles. (These allow the bottle adapter to stay in the bottle and the tamper-proof cap can be used to close the bottle in between dose).

When less than 0.5mls of medicine is delivered into the ENFit male Luer type connection of the feeding tubes, it is advisable to use the medicines straw when drawing
up the drug as this will occupy the dead space of the syringe in the same way as the
male Luer type lock of the feeding tube. In this way the medicine can be accurately
delivered without considering the dead space of the syringe. It is important to flush
tubes before and after medicines. Flushing before medicines prevents reactions with feeds.
Flushing after medicines clears the priming volume of the tube and prevents reactions with feeds.

pH Indicator Strips

pH Indicator Strips 
The Medicina pH indicator strips are CE marked for testing human gastric aspirate. Under the NPSA guidelines pH testing is the first line test for tube position. The Medicina pH indicator strip acts as its own color chart, doing away with the need to have access to the box.

ENFit Accessories  

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
C005MMedicine Straw-5 cm50 per box
CO10MMilk Straw-10 cm50 per box
CO14MMilk Straw-14 cm50 per box
IN01pH Indicator Strip200 per box
MN01MMedicine Needle50 per box
MF01MFilter Straw50 per box
MK01Male Adapter50 per box
MC01Male Cap-one per pack, Sterile50 per box
MC08Male Cap-eight per pack, Sterile-400 caps50 per box
BA01LENFit Stepped Medicine Bottle Adaptor50 per box
BA02LENFit Bottle Adapter, 15mm-16.5mm50 per box
BA03LENFit Bottle Adapter, 18mm-19.5mm50 per box
BA04LENFit Bottle Adapter, 25.5mm-27mm50 per box
BA05LENFit Bottle Adapter, 18.5mm-20.5mm50 per box
BA06LENFit Bottle Adapter, 20mm-21.5mm50 per box
BA07LENFit Bottle Adapter, 10.5mm-11mm50 per box
BA08LENFit Bottle Adapter, 16.5mm-18mm50 per box
MAO01Oral Adapter50 per box
MBA01Bottle Cap50 per box
NS01Pediatric Silicone Nasogastric Plaster (60 mm x 16 mm)50 per box
NS03Pediatric Silicone Nasogastric Plaster (66 mm x 20 mm)50 per box
NS04Pediatric Silicone Nasogastric Plaster (75 mm x 25 mm)50 per box
OTCBOral Tip Syringe Caps2000 per box
SF02Surfactant Kit-Needle Free25 per box
*Latex free, Non-DEHP