ENFit Enteral Syringes w/O-ring Reusable -Home Care

Medicina ENFit reusable syringes for enteral delivery are in line with ISO 80369-3 The ENFit syringes range has been developed to deliver enteral feeds, medicines and flushes to the neonatal, pediatric and adult patients in HOME CARE setting. The syringes can be reused 70x’s or up to 7 days.

ENFit Reusable Syringes

  • Reusable/Washable
  • 70 uses or up to 7 days
  • Individually packaged- purple plunger
  • ENFit compliant
  • Clear measurement markings
  • Low does tip design to improve dose accuracy on 1ml and 2.5ml
  • DEHP/Latex Free

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
MH01LDENFit Reusable Low Dose Syringe w/O-ring- 1 ml100 per box
MH25LDENFit Reusable Low Dose Syringe w/O-ring - 2.5 ml100 per box
MH05ENFit Reusable Syringe w/O-ring - 5 ml100 per box
MH10ENFit Reusable Syringe w/O-ring- 10 ml100 per box
MH20ENFit Reusable Syringe w/O-ring - 20 ml80 per box
MH60ENFit Reusable Syringe w/O-ring - 60 ml60 per box
*Latex Free, Non-DEHP

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