ACE Stopper

ACE Stoppers/Plug

ACE Stopper/Plug – Medicina’s ACE Stoppers  are made of implantable grade silicone, used to plug/seal stoma sites at various parts of the body.

ACE Stoppers are soft, comfortable and come in a variety of lengths and widths depending on the size of the stoma. They all have a circular 15mm skin disc and can perform two functions:

 ACE stoppers form a seal in between insertions of the catheter
if the stoma is leaking

ACE stoppers maintain the patency of the stoma if the catheter
insertion is difficult or the site closes in between catheter insertions

Stoma Locations:
Stoma Locations

1. Caecostomy
This procedure is used to create a tract directly into the caecum to connect it to the
abdominal wall to perform bowel washouts.

2. Ace
Antegrade continence enema (ACE) procedure creates a tract through the abdominal wall
into the colon to perform bowel washouts.

3. Mitrofanoff
This procedure creates an alternative urinary conduit made from a portion of the appendix or a ureter.  This channel connects the bladder to the abdominal wall.

4. Monti
This procedure creates an alternative urinary conduit using a portion of the ileum
between the bladder and the abdominal wall.


ACE Stopper/Plug

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
AP8/15Ace Stopper, 8FR 15mm1 ea.
AP8/30Ace Stopper, 8FR 30mm1 ea.
AP8/60Ace Stopper, 8FR 60mm1 ea.
AP10/15Ace Stopper, 10FR 15mm1 ea.
AP10/30Ace Stopper, 10FR 30mm1 ea.
AP10/60Ace Stopper, 10FR 60mm1 ea.
AP12/30Ace Stopper, 12FR 30mm1 ea.
AP12/60Ace Stopper, 12FR 60mm1 ea.
AP12/100Ace Stopper, 12FR 100mm1 ea.
AP14/30Ace Stopper, 14FR 30mm1 ea.
AP14/60Ace Stopper, 14FR 60mm1 ea.
AP14/100Ace Stopper, 14FR 100mm1 ea.
*Latex free, Non-DEHP

ACELok Dressing
Washout Set


ACELok Dressing/Washout Set

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
SD03ACELok Dressing10 per box
MAS02Caecostomy Extension Set With Catheter Adapter/Washout Set1 ea.
*Latex free, Non-DEHP