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Medicina’s Oral Tip Syringes/Dispensers are available in 5 sizes – 0.5ml, 1ml, 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml, and 20ml. 

For safety, Medicina oral tip syringes will NOT mate with a hypodermic needle or other IV connections, minimizing the risk of medication administration mistakes.  They are latex-free, contain no iron oxide, and are marked in milliliters.

Single use syringes used for the delivery of feed/medications via the mouth.


  • Single Use
  • Individually Packaged/Sterile
  • Clear Measurement Markings
  • Three Piece (Barrel, Plunger, Silicone Gasket)
  • Smooth And Comfortable Oral Tip Connector
  • DEHP/Latex Free


Oral Tip Syringes – Sterile

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
OT005Oral Tip Syringe - 0.5 ml100 per box
OT01Oral Tip Syringe - 1 ml100 per box
OT25Oral Tip Syringe - 2.5 ml100 per box
OT05Oral Tip Syringe - 5 ml100 per box
OT10Oral Tip Syringe - 10 ml100 per box
OT20Oral Tip Syringe - 20 ml80 per box
*Latex Free, Non-DEHP


Oral Tip Syringes – Bulk Non-Sterile

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
OTB005Oral Tip Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 0.5 ml 500 per box
OTB01Oral Tip Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 1.0 ml500 per box
OTB25Oral Tip Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 2.5 ml500 per box
OTB05Oral Tip Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 5 ml500 per box
OTB10Oral Tip Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 10 ml500 per box
OTB20Oral Tip Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 20 ml400 per box
*Latex Free, Non-DEHP


Oral Tip Syringe Caps allow feeds/medications to be prepared in advance.  Oral Tip Syringes can be capped off until required.  Oral Tip Syringe Caps are packaged singularly and in packs of 8 to allow for multiple feeds/medications to be prepared.  The Stepped Bottle Adapter with an oral tip connection is available to allow access to bottles when drawing up medication/feed.


  • Prevent Syringes From Leaking
  • Connects To Oral Tip Syringes
  • Allows End Users To Prepare Feeds/Medications In Advance
  • Sterile
  • DEHP/Latex Free
  • Oral Tip Stepped Bottle Adapter Can Fit A Variety Of Bottle Sizes


Oral Tip Syringe Caps

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
OTC01Oral Tip Syringe Cap50 per box