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ENFit Syringes

The Medicina ENFit enteral syringes have been developed to safely deliver enteral feeds, medicines and flushes to the neonatal and pediatric patients. The syringes are sterile,
single use only, color coded purple to be in line with the European standard EN1615
for enteral devices, and have a non-IV compatible female Luer type connector.
The ENFit enteral syringe is a Luer type connection with a slightly larger
dimension than the standard IV Luer. The syringe is female ended and the access port
or tube is male ended, opposite the standard IV connection. The Medicina ENFit syringe
with the Reverse Luer type connection and the slightly larger dimension maximizes patient

safety and makes wrong route administrations impossible to occur.

The International Standards Organization, ISO CD 80369-3 for enteral feeding equipment
has chosen a locking system with female ended syringes such as the Medicina ENFit safety system.  The committee found the female hubs of oral dose type feeding tubes unsafe
and rejected them because they allow IV access when using a Luer slip IV syringe
and other tapered tip adapters used throughout the medical community.

Syringe Tip Comparison

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  • Reverse Luer type syringes provide the widest internal tip diameter (4.3mm),
    which gives a better flow for the delivery of gravity or bolus feeds.
  • Oral syringes (2mm) and Non-Luer syringes (2.9mm) can only deliver gravity feeds very slowly because the feed has to pass through a very narrow syringe port.
  • Reverse Luer type syringes also produce lower delivery pressures for medications.
    • Oral syringes produce twice the pressure and Non-Luer type syringes about 50%
      higher pressures than Luer type syringes.


ENFit Enteral Syringes – Sterile

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
MD01ENFit LOW DOSE Enteral Syringe-1 ml100 per box
MD25ENFit Enteral Syringe-2.5 ml100 per box
MD05ENFit Enteral Syringe-5 ml100 per box
MD10ENFit Enteral Syringe-10 ml100 per box
MD20ENFit Enteral Syringe-20 ml80 per box
MD30ENFit Enteral Syringe-30 ml80 per box
MD60ENFit Enteral Syringe-60 ml60 per box
MD60BENFit Enteral Syringe-60 ml Cath Tip55 per box
*Latex Free, Non-DEHP


ENFit Enteral Syringes – Bulk Non-Sterile

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
MD01BENFit Enteral Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 1ml500 per box
MD25BENFit Enteral Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 2.5 ml500 per box
MD05BENFit Enteral Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 5 ml500 per box
MD10BENFit Enteral Syringe - Bulk Non-Sterile, 10 ml500 per box
*Latex Free, Non-DEHP