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Ditty Diapers (DD-P and DD-21C)


Marian Medical’s NEW Preemie (DD-P) and Ultra Preemie (DD-21C) Ditty Diapers
are designed for the Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) infant and the Extremely Low
Birth Weight (ELBW) infant to help promote developmentally appropriate positioning
and comfort.

    • Hourglass shaped crotch to help prevent abduction of the hips
    • Umbilical cut out design to help avoid UAC & UVC lines
    • No exposed plastic to stick to the baby’s skin
    • Double elastic to help prevent leakage
    • One way liner to keep baby drier
    • Gel free allowing the nursing staff to retrieve urine specimens with ease


Ditty Diapers
*30 diapers per sleeve; 12 sleeves per box

Part NumberWeight:Quantity
DD-PApprox. 2-4 lbs (VLBW)360 ea. per box
DD-21C Approx. 1.5 lbs (ELBW)360 ea. per box