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Marian Medical’s circumcision kits are assembled in sequence of use, allowing the clinician to progress efficiently through procedures.
This kit allows for streamlining components, reducing waste, and offering cost-effective supply solutions. Kits are a valuable tool
in standardizing protocols for quality patient care; when the items necessary for a procedure are supplied in a single kit,
facility protocols and continuum of care are easier to be established and maintained.


Circumcision Kits

Part Number DescriptionQuantity
CIRC-900Circumcision Tray5 per box
CIRC-1000Circumcision Tray
5 per box
*Latex Free, Non-DEHP


Circumplast Circumcision Device

Part Number DescriptionQuantity
9.5mm Circumcision Device25 per box
11mm Circumcision Device 25 per box
CIRC-1212mm Circumcision Device25 per box
CIRC-1313mm Circumcision Device25 per box


*Other sizes available upon request

Customized Procedure Kit Form
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