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ACE Stoppers/Plug


ACE Stopper/Plug – Medicina’s ACE stoppers are made of implantable grade silicone that
are used to plug/seal stoma sites at various parts of the body.

ACE stoppers are soft, comfortable and come in a variety of lengths and widths
depending on the size of the stoma. They all have a circular 15mm skin disc
and can perform two functions:

  • ACE stoppers form a seal in between insertions of the catheter
    if the stoma is leaking
  • ACE stoppers maintain the patency of the stoma if the catheter
    insertion is difficult or the site closes in between catheter insertions



Stoma Locations:

Stoma Locations

1. Caecostomy
This procedure is used to create a tract directly into the caecum to connect it to the
abdominal wall to perform bowel washouts.

2. Ace
Antegrade continence enema (ACE) procedure creates a tract through the abdominal wall
into the colon to perform bowel washouts.

3. Mitrofanoff
This procedure creates an alternative urinary conduit made from a portion of the appendix
or a ureter.  This channel connects the bladder to the abdominal wall.

4. Monti
This procedure creates an alternative urinary conduit using a portion of the ileum
between the bladder and the abdominal wall.


ACE Stopper/Plug

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
AP8/15Ace Stopper, 8FR 15mm1 ea.
AP8/30Ace Stopper, 8FR 30mm1 ea.
AP8/60Ace Stopper, 8FR 60mm1 ea.
AP10/15Ace Stopper, 10FR 15mm1 ea.
AP10/30Ace Stopper, 10FR 30mm1 ea.
AP10/60Ace Stopper, 10FR 60mm1 ea.
AP12/30Ace Stopper, 12FR 30mm1 ea.
AP12/60Ace Stopper, 12FR 60mm1 ea.
AP12/100Ace Stopper, 12FR 100mm1 ea.
AP14/30Ace Stopper, 14FR 30mm1 ea.
AP14/60Ace Stopper, 14FR 60mm1 ea.
AP14/100Ace Stopper, 14FR 100mm1 ea.
*Latex free, Non-DEHP

ACELok Dressing


Washout Set








ACELok Dressing/Washout Set

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
SD03ACELok Dressing10 per box
MAS02Caecostomy Extension Set With Catheter Adapter/Washout Set1 ea.
*Latex free, Non-DEHP